Swinging the Stick


I’ve never seen it done,
but they say, they take two sticks
and swing them until they meet and hit,
click-click, skimming above the ground
in rhythm swift as the heart beat
of the man required to jump, no dance,
amidst this back and forth pulsation,
if he dare, placing his quick feet
in the path of this speed and fury
with definite step or else whack.
He who hesitates gets bruised
at best, crushed at worst,
battered by this ritual of slap and crack
in this click-click dance of life.
And of course, the trick is being definite.
Tentative motion makes uncertainty

a reality.
  Being definite—yes, the trick.
A firm foot on the ground
with certain heel-toe motion

allows lift and fall without harm.
At least there's the
hope at best,